Credits: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Rob Gurdebeke

As we are in the middle of the  US election day, the Canadian market may look more appealing to some Americans, depending on whether they are Team Trump or Team Biden, and who takes the title of Commander-In-Chief.

Canadian Commercial Real estate was already experiencing an increase in U.S. website traffic year-over-year – despite the dip prompted by COVID-19. The rise in searches around the Canadian housing market and Canadian Commercial real estate appear to be a larger and longer-term.

Real estate investment is a source of steady income for many Canadians and foreign investors in Canada.  We offer specialized help to investors in creating or diversifying commercial real estate portfolios. Metro Commercial team has access to federal, provincial, municipal regulations and by-laws to match the investors with right investments. Please contact us and we would be more than happy to discuss your future plans!

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