Possession of expansive properties has definitely decreased during the economies fight during Covid-19, but commercial real estate is expected to become an even more desirable choice for investment after the coronavirus pandemic. With risk-free interest rates approaching zero, the real estate sector is expected to be an even more attractive investment option once the markets begin to normalize, CBRE said.

The economy will rebound, however the speed with which the country and the industry emerge from the crisis depends on the ability to ramp up virus testing, development of a vaccine and social distancing.

Warehousing and fulfillment centres were identified as the number one best bet. COVID-19 accelerated the already growing move to ecommerce paving the way to increased warehousing space. Malls with excess lands need to be re-imagined into mixed-use properties, and possibly using some of that space for warehousing, distribution to satisfy the growing demand for online shopping. Grocery-anchored strip malls are at an all time high, as grocers have seen record sales during the pandemic.

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